Is your building contaminated or threatened by a pigeon infestation?

Pigeon droppings are unsightly, they pose a health risk and they damage buildings!

Pigeons avoid surfaces treated with nopaloma - they either fly away from these areas immediately or they simply stop coming anywhere near them. Thanks to their flock mentality these areas remain ‘pigeon-free’ long term. nopaloma is transparent, barely visible and does not aff ect the appearance of buildings.

Suitable application:
  • Pergola and railings
  • Window ledges
  • Lighting
  • Moulding and balconies
  • Roofs and chimneys
  • Gutters and drainpipes
  • Eaves and wall projections
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Lightning protection systems

nopaloma successfully prevents pigeons, long-term!

Is your building contaminated or threatened by a pigeon infestation?

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nopaloma offers you a professional, simple and permanent solution!


Previous defence systems such as wires and spikes, which made buildings and store fronts unsightly, now belong to the past – as does the risk of injury for humans and animals that these systems posed.


nopaloma is unbeatably simple and effective. Once applied, nopaloma is a long-term, reliable solution (internally and externally). nopaloma can be applied without any previous knowledge, is safe to use and works immediately. And nopaloma is considerably more affordable than previous defence systems.

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No drills, no screws, no glue.

nopaloma cartridges can be used with commercial dispensers. Clean the surface you want to treat and clear away any loose dirt. The area must be dry and free of both grease and dust.

nopaloma is best applied in strips of Ø 3-12mm, depending on the type of bird. The first strip should be applied no further than 2-3cm away from the front edge of the surface and the spacing between the strips should be no more than 6 cm. For draining surfaces you must provide suffi cient gaps between the strips or apply the strips diagonally to allow water to drain away. (Please refer to our guidelines at

Depending on the strips –Ø, one cartridge is sufficient up to a maximum length of 16m.


Advantages of nopaloma

Unbeatable, simple and effective!
  • Suitable for any surface
  • All-purpose – effective immediately
  • Inconspicuous, barely visible
  • Adheres to all surfaces
  • Resistant to water, frost, dust and UV light
  • Permanent and reliable
  • Almost unlimited shelf life
  • Silicone-free
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • More affordable than previous defence systems


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